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  • US Onboarding Executive Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Digital Media Analyst Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Technical Writer Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • CEO Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Technical Writer Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Digital Media Analyst Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • iOS Engineer Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Director - Delivery Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Technical Consultant- Firewall Specialist Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Cyber Security Specialist Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Head of Sales and Business Development Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Product Manager Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Database Architect Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Content Writer Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist - US Shift - Vadodara Vadodara, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Manager - Talent Acquisition Vadodara, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Technical Lead Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Azure Administrator Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • SugarCRM Developer Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Okta Developer Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Front End Developer Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • HR Executive San José, Costa Rica, Latam
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist - CR San José, Costa Rica, Latam
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist - US Shift Remote, United States, North America
  • Manager - Compliance Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Senior Manager - Delivery Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Trainer Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Senior Manager - Human Resource Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Director - Marketing Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • SYSTEMS ENGINEER - II Naperville, United States, North America
  • Business Analyst Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • PHP API developer Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • UI/UX Designer Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • BPO Manager Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Director - Talent Acquisition Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Director of Operations Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Director of IT Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Training Manager Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Legal Analyst Naperville, United States, North America
  • BDM- Account Manager Naperville, United States, North America
  • 8001 Senior Java Developer Naperville, United States, North America
  • Contact Specialist - DLS Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • IT-Hardware & Networking Heredia, Costa Rica, Latam
  • SENIOR JAVA DEVELOPER Naperville, United States, North America
  • English-Portuguese Data Associates Heredia, Costa Rica, Latam
  • Manager Account Management Heredia, Costa Rica, Latam
  • Technical Support/IT Analyst Naperville, United States, North America
  • Accountant Naperville, United States, North America
  • Accountant Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Senior Account Manager Heredia, Costa Rica, Latam
  • Quality Assurance Manager Heredia, Costa Rica, Latam
  • Quality Assurance Engineer Heredia, Costa Rica, Latam
  • Recruiter Heredia, Costa Rica, Latam
  • Sr. Java Full Stack Developer(API)· Java API + Full Stack Developer Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • QA Analyst Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • UI/UX Developer Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist - US Shift - Kolkata Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • HR Manager Kolkata, India, Asia/Pacific
  • Administrative Assistant Naperville, United States, North America
  • Accountant Naperville, United States, North America
  • Employee Services Associates Heredia, Costa Rica, Latam
  • Mac Engineer Naperville, United States, North America
  • Front End Developer Naperville, USA, North America
  • Technical Support Analyst Naperville, United States, North America

Front End Developer

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Posted on: 2021-08-02

About Us

We are PTS Consulting Services, an energetic forward-looking company that takes pride in partnering with our customers by providing holistic solutions around Process, Technology and Services. PTS Consulting Services has grown a lot over the past few years, expanding our reach and customer base all around the globe. We are headquartered in Naperville, IL and have presence in Costa Rica, Australia, Canada, and India. We are proud to work with Fortune 500 clients from diverse industries such as IT, Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Telecom, Human Resources, Engineering, Light Industrial, Finance, Call Center, Clerical, Customer Service, Aviation, Media & Entertainment, and Professional Services.
At PTS Consulting Services, it is believed that success is a derivative of Quality. To ensure the best outcome from each engagement with our clients, we create a holistic partnership focused on the strategy, execution, and overall outcome quality.

It’s an exciting time to work here at PTS Consulting, as the company is on a verge of major growth. We value our clients, and more importantly we value, retain, and grow our employees through a strong employee engagement culture. Come Join Us!!

Position Details:

Job Category: , Department/Group:


Naperville, IL, USA, North America


Travel Required: No, Salary: , Position Type: Full-time, Will Train Applicant(s): No

Role and Responsibilities:

• Work closely with senior developers consolidate and standardize custom Java script code framework Manual and automated testing of 3rd party tags based on network requests Help streamline custom deploy process based based on Adobe Launch API Develop new API driven front end for deploy process.

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

• Strong JavaScript developer with experience in node.js. • Understanding of JavaScript cross-browser compatibility without transpire. • Experience testing client-side tracking such as Adobe App Measurement. • Experience working in a small team and managing a dynamic workflow. • Experience using JIRA or similar project management tools Proficiency in a Linux environment.

Preferred Skills:

• Understanding concepts of building distributed / service oriented / microservice-style and cloud-based applications / highly scalable solutions. • Experience publishing NPM packages Knowledge of Python a plus.

Additional Notes:


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